Huddle Hub: presentazione wireless multisessione

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Huddle Hub: presentazione wireless multisessione

Huddle Hub di HRT per presentare wireless fino a 4 sessioni

During collaborative meetings of small groups, typically everyone participates with his/her own device to take notes and share documents within the group itself or with remote participants. By leveraging those individual devices, Huddle Hub One creates a radically new scenario, where everyone can collaborate and communicate using only the embedded screen and camera of laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Key Features

●Up to 4 concurrent sessions per Huddle Hub unit
●Up to 64 connected users in each session
●Up to 4 presentations on the screen at the same time
●Present and receive your screen with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS
●Receive the presentation on any web browser, no installation required
●Receive the presentation on Android smart TV
●Wirelessly connect the huddle room webcam to your favorite videoconference software
●Dual network mode for guest secure collaboration
●Minimal and effective UI design: present with 1 click
●Easy administration via a dedicated web console

Huddle Hub One is a fully-equipped wireless presentation system, that introduces some unprecedented features to the market.
Like most wireless presenters, it allows the screen of your computer or mobile device to be presented on your huddle room large display, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable.
Uniquely, with Huddle Hub One a room TV is not even necessary, the unit can send and receive presentations directly on the screen of meeting participants computers and mobile devices, enabling any space of your company to be used for collaboration: huddle rooms, offices, even lounges.A single Huddle Hub One unit allows up to 4 concurrent independent sessions, each with up to 64 participants.
A room-based webcam can also be connected to Huddle hub One simplifying a videoconference session by providing a true wireless webcam connection to devices.
Huddle Hub One implements session password protection, stream encryption and connection from the enterprise or guest network, enforcing business-grade security that can be administrated from its web console.